Tilmans Tranquils

Mints 100mg CBD | 10pcs


Do you want a fast and effective way to to take CBD? If so, the Tillmans mints single pack of CBD mints is a great solution!

Each mint contains five milligrams of hemp-derived CBD extract with no THC. You get 10 mints in this single pack.

This is the perfect amount for a single person. They’re convenient and discreet enough to put in your purse or pocket and take anywhere.

The mints have a tantalizing “super fresh” peppermint taste and aroma, and there’s a pan coating on each mint to protect the CBD hemp extract from heat, light, and humidity. You can take a mint at any time during the day for micro doses.

There are no artificial ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. They’re made in the USA and vegan certified.