Dr Watson

Gummies Broad Spectrum 300mg CBD | 12pcs


12 super high strength broad spectrum CBD large gummies. You only need one or two per day to have the desired effect. Dr Watson CBD gummies are tropical passion flavoured using only 100% natural ingredients such as organic passion fruit pulp and mango essence. Our full spectrum hemp extract is derived from organically farmed hemp in the US, and used in our gummies to create a safe and highly effective product whilst meeting UK hemp standards for cannabinoid content.


Natural fruit sugars, raw sugar, sugar syrup, purified filtered water, vegan agar agar, gelatin (bovine), natural passionfruit extract, citric acid, absorbic acid, curcumin, potassium sorbate stabiliser, ice peach flavouring.

Nutrition Information Per 5.5g Gummy

Broad Spectrum CBD+ 30mg, Curcumin 13mg, Vitamin C 10mg, Sugars 3.5g, Fat 0mg, Energy 45Kcal