The Birth of Farm CBD

The Birth of Farm CBD

October 2018 Farm CBD launches its website ( alongside the first store in London (30 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH), which opened its doors on the  1st of September 2018. The aim of the company is to provide a wide selection Cannabidiol (CBD) products for public purchase.

Yes, Cannabidiol sounds very similar to cannabis. In fact, Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found within cannabis amongst others like the boogey-chemical THC. We at Farm CBD sell products with zero or less than 0.2% THC and concentrate on the hemp derived CBD. For legal reasons I won’t go into the benefits of CBD but please google it, it’s a fascinating story of how our bodies have naturally evolved to disseminate cannabinoids through our endocannabinoid system. Within this and future posts, we will bring you reviews of products and share our thoughts of about CBD and cannabis overall. 

So in that vain, let me ask you a question, 28th of October 1928, do you know what happened on that date? 97 years ago, cannabis was first made illegal here in Britain as an addition to the Dangerous drugs act of 1920. 3 years from now it’ll be a whole century since that moment and while most of the western world opens its eyes to CBD and cannabis from multiple perspectives including psychological and economic, we shuffle along far behind the likes of Canada, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Spain and on. Another date for you, until 1971 and the passage of the Misuse of drugs act. I often wonder when I hear or read the name of that legislation, if it’s illegal to misuse, wouldn’t that imply that there is a correct way to use it too? What if I don’t misuse it but procure and use it for productive, health or any other positive use? Shouldn’t that be OK? What about the Dangerous drugs act I mentioned earlier? Is it dangerous if it doesn’t kill you? If it doesn’t harm the vast majority of people that consume it, if the benefits far outweigh the negatives?

Over 2 million Britons admitted (admitted being a key word), to consuming cannabis, by far the most popular “drug” in the U.K. There were 8,758 deaths from alcohol, 96,000 from smoking, 0 or zero, or nil deaths from cannabis in 2015. So let us ask ourselves, isn’t it time that we moved on from this archaic, stagnant, stigmatised view of cannabis? Isn’t it enough that we as grown adults, responsible, tax paying citizens be allowed to make our own decisions on this? Let me choose for myself whether I want to have a beer or enjoy the wonders that cannabis can provide.

Over the coming blogs we will, or hope, to provide you with an inside look into the CBD products that you can currently purchase from, and provide a perspective on the travesty that is the demonisation of cannabis. Stay tuned folks!

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