How to take CBD

How to take CBD

The different ways and which one works for you.


Taking CBD oil sublingually

One of the most common ways to consume CBD is simply popping a few drops under your tongue. It’s quick and convenient but it’s important to note that CBD isn’t flavourless - it typically tastes a bit earthy or nutty. While most don’t mind the taste, if you’re adverse to those types of flavours it may be best looking at a different product.

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Ingesting CBD through edibles

Edibles have seen a huge growth in popularity in recent times. It’s thanks to CBD being combined with confectionary such as gummies and even macarons! If you’re not a fan of the oil flavour then edibles are the best bet. Plus, you get a sweet treat too.

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Inhaling CBD through vaping

Where CBD got its start - vaping. This classic way of consuming CBD gets the compound into your system quickly but vaping isn’t for everyone. Vaping can be enjoyable but if you’re looking for the benefits of CBD in the work environment it may not be ideal. Many locations, even public, don’t allow vaping so if you want a convenient method vaping may not be best.

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Applying CBD to the skin topically.

One of the newer ways to use CBD- applying the compound to your skin, is great if you’re looking for the benefits of it directly on your muscles. It’s useful to note here that CBD oil is richly concentrated in cannabidiol, whereas hemp oil only contains trace amounts of cannabidiol. So be sure to purchase the right skincare for you.

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