CBD trends we expect to go mainstream next year

CBD trends we expect to go mainstream next year

Cannabidiol aka CBD has seen a huge surge in popularity in the last 5 years. From small beginnings to mainstream appeal, CBD has had a productive few years. Still not sure what CBD is or how to take it? No problem! Our latest news is a go-to guide to help you get familiar with all things CBD.

CBDs increased popularity will mean great things - more research, better innovations, and more importantly, new products! To get you excited for what’s in store for the future of CBD we’ve compiled the trends we expect to see hitting the mainstream by 2020. 

Many of the following products are already being stocked in smaller, more independent locations but we’re hoping to see them when you stroll down your local high street.

CBD in liquid

The most common form of CBD is oil and liquid for vaping, but a growing trend has seen CBD be used in drinks. From Drink 420’s Wild Berries CBD Drink to Bear State Beverages range of full spectrum soft drinks, we’re seeing more ways to combine the benefits of CBD with convenient, every-day usage.

We’re also seeing more use of CBD in alcoholic beverages. CBD beer for example has been popping up in smaller breweries for a while now. There is no additional benefit to drinking CBD with alcohol compared to soft drinks but it’s an exciting use of CBD that we think will continue to push the market into new spaces.

Innovative edible CBD

CBD edibles aren’t anything new. The most popular edibles are gummy bears, cola bottles, and other sweet treats. But we expect to see CBD in all sorts of foods, namely ones you can grab on the go. US chain Carl’s Jr has already starting making burgers with CBD infused into the sauce. Perhaps you’ll see a Big Mac with CBD cheese next!

CBD in high-end skincare

While you’re already able to purchase CBD lip balm and even CBD bath bombs, we’re expecting an increase in luxury brands utilising the benefits of the compound. Cosmetic companies like Milk already incorporate CBD themes in their marketing (although their products don’t actually contain any), so it’s only a matter of time until companies use it in their products.

We also expect CBD to become more prominent in spa settings. Move over boring old facial, we want a CBD facial!


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