Brand Spotlight: The London Botanists

Brand Spotlight: The London Botanists


We would like to put the spotlight on one of our favourite brands, The London Botanists.

The London Botanists was created in 2018 with one simple goal in mind; to take the uncertainty out of buying Cannabis related products. They are determined to drive the current revolution in the perception of Cannabis forward by always providing truly exceptional products.

We stock their CBD Extract Oil and CBD Syrup. Let’s take a deeper look at what these products are all about.

The London Botanists 10% CBD Extract Oil:


How to take?

Simply release a drop of the all natural oil under your tongue and wait for one minute before swallowing. Alternatively, apply directly onto your skin to the affected area.

How does the oil taste?

The second you taste this oil, you will know there is a difference.This oil tastes 'greener' and more complex. This is due to the gentle extraction process, keeping all the terpenes flavonoids and cannabinoids in tact.

What does the oil look like?

This oil looks greener. This is because it retains a healthy dose of chlorophyll during the extraction process to enhance the anti-inflammatory, detoxifying properties with an added benefit of boosting your immune system.


How does the oil feel?

This oil feels thicker. This is because The London Botanists do not over process the CBD during the extraction process.You can rest assured that there are no nasty chemicals picked up when our hemp is grown. This is thanks to farmers employing organic farming techniques. Laboratory reports are available on request.

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The London Botanists 400mg CBD Syrup (10ml)


What is this syrup used for?

it can be added to food and drink without losing any of the CBD's benefits. This syrup is popular thanks to it's sweeter, lighter taste and, due to its high levels of bioavailability, it is very effective. It also contains Curcurmin making it the ultimate helping hand toward total wellbeing.


What is this syrup made from?

This London Botanists CBD syrup is no ordinary syrup. Created from a blend of carefully selected pure ingredients,


How do I use it?

Simply add a pump of the syrup to food or drink and enjoy the benefits. Alternatively, it can be taken by putting a pump of the syrup directly into your mouth - perfect for those who struggle with the normal CBD taste.

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